Thursday, June 23, 2011

A New PR

One of these people is not like the others
One of these people just doesn't belong
Can you tell which one is not like the others
It's time to play our game

Personal records (PRs) are difficult for me to come by as I age (maybe PRs should have an expiration date), so I'll take em where I can get em. I got a new PR a few weeks ago while vacationing at Madeira Beach, FL. The vacation was a week long, and I spent the entire time barefoot, a new PR. I was barefoot everywhere, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, hot sandy beaches and as the pic shows, a boardwalk. My son Logan (on the far right) looks less than impressed. I think his exact words were "I can't believe I have to tell my 40-year-old dad to put shoes on to go to a restaurant!" Correction Logan, I'm 41.

Maybe someday I'll move up to the major leagues with Ken Bob Saxton and Cody Lundin.

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