Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Balance Minimus Trail

These are pretty good looking shoes, no? I picked them up Saturday afternoon on an impulsive buy. Amy and I were running errands at a strip mall. On a whim, we stopped in the local sporting goods store to see what kinds of running shoes they were selling. To my surprise, we found the New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes in the Fashion section. It's not your typical ubiquitous cushioned running shoe. Rather, it's a light weight, minimal cushion, minimal heal minimal shoe. And I knew it was truely a minimal shoe when I saw the nonminimal price tag, $100. And yet, I was smitten.

My typical shoe size is 10 1/2. This size felt a bit snug. The cliche that came to mind was "fit like a glove", well, maybe the kind of glove OJ Simpson would wear. So I tried a size 11, but it seemed too loose in the heel and there was a lot of "extra" sock lining in the toe box. And the tightness was still there. It was the black strap across the forefoot at the toe base that was causing the tightness across the width. The 10 1/2 felt better without the extra lining material. Maybe the shoe would break in. Maybe it was supposed to fit tightly. I rationalized it until I was ready to plop my debit card on the counter. I loved the look of these shoes so much that I wore them out of the store.

Later in the day I went for a run, about 5 miles. The run felt fine enough, but I was happy to kick off the shoes afterwards. And I wondered, if 5 miles in these shoes put 1 blister on a toe, what would a long run do? The shoes went back to the store. Maybe next year's model will fit better. Dang, will I ever get the hang of this product review/company affiliation thing?

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