Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jack LaLanne: 1950s Real Food

For Amy's birthday on Saturday, she got a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. We try to be healthy, although there is an occasional indulgence in birthday cake:

It's been almost a year since Jack LaLanne, pioneer of exercise and nutrition, "ruined his image by dying". He passed away January 23, 2011 from pneumonia at age 96 years. Also known as the "godfather of fitness", he was trained as a chiropractor, but opened health clubs (which later became Bally Total Fitness) and had the longest running exercise TV program (1951-1985). He invented leg extension and pulley exercise machines and marketed electric juicers. He was also infamous for great feats of strength and endurance.

I first became aware of Jack LaLanne a few years ago after reading Paul Bragg's "The Miracle of Fasting". As Jack described himself, he was a miserable sugarholic as a kid. But at age 15, he attended a nutrition lecture with Paul Bragg and it changed his life.

Jack has been described as ahead of his time. I suppose that's a fair description, as this video clip from his 1950's TV program shows he promoted real, natural foods and to avoid processed foods:

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