Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You Drinking Antifreeze, Too?

If you have ever been bored enough with the taste of water that you added an “enhancer” to it, perhaps you should read on. There was a conversation at work today that went something like this:

Dan: What are you squirting into your water bottle, Kelly?

Me: It’s a water enhancer.

Dan: Let me see what’s in it.

Me: OK (as I hand over the bottle of purple stuff)

Dan: (after scanning the label) Look, the third ingredient is propylene glycol. That’s antifreeze!

Me: That can’t be. I’ll google it. (time passes after visiting Google machine) You’re right. Wikipedia says that antifreeze is made of either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol.

Dan: Ha, you are drinking anti-freeze.

Me: Ya, but it’s only the non-toxic kind, and it tastes good.

As of this post date Wikipedia lists many uses for propylene glycol, including food coloring/flavoring and nontoxic antifreeze. Brilliant!


  1. I love a flavor enhancer. My current favorite is the True Lemon/Lime/Orange stuff you shake into your water. Sadly, I think it's propylene glycol free, which means I'm going to freeze on frosty mornings.

  2. There's a good song called "Antifreeze" by the Asylum Street Spankers. I can't find a good recording of it on youtube, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure you'd like the song and the band.

  3. maybe I should go for the solids and not the solvents,

    good talent...