Sunday, October 16, 2011

Inspiration from Ben Davis

About a year ago "Marathon Talk" podcast did an interview with a kid named Ben Davis.

There may be an outside chance that you've heard of him, or perhaps seen his youtube video. As of this post, it's been viewed 1.3 million times. Go ahead and give it a watch, but beware, have a tissue handy:

In the interview Ben described why and how he wanted to change his life. He gave credit to his 180 degree lifestyle change to several things.

One, he had a support system. Ben started the journey with his brother. They trained together. They raced together. They raced with their dad.

Two, he made himself accountable, not only to the people in his life but also by recording the experience on his blog.

Three, he set personal goals.

Most importantly though he said that if you are really going to stick with it, you gotta find a way to make it fun, to make it your own. Running isn't always so fun, but if you do the things mentioned above, then it can be a bit of a game, something to look forward to.

Thanks Ben for the inspiration and for having a good time.

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