Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Diet Trilogy

Sometimes when I write a blog post, I have a stream of consciousness that starts where a previous post left off. These posts aren't planned to be a series, like parts I, II, III, etc. They don't follow sequentially. They aren't necessarily planned to follow each other at all. The titles change. The topics shift. But, there is a flow to the posts.

I recently noticed in hindsight three such posts on my blog: a trilogy. It's like Star Wars, episodes IV, V and VI. Or it's like the Star Wars prequels, episodes I, II and III. It's like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Harry P...nevermind. Well, maybe it's really nothing like those trilogies.

I'm talking about my Diet Trilogy.

Part I, September 4, 2011:
Body Weight Loss = Carb or Calorie Restriction?

I looked back at my attempts to lose weight following a low carb diet, including the guidelines I followed, when I succeeded, when I failed and a hypothesis for what worked and what didn't work.

Part II, September 25, 2011:
Transitioning My Macronutrients Via Fat Loss Bible

I presented the guidelines for changing my diet for macronutrient levels that provided enough carbohydrates for energy to exercise, enough protein for muscle recovery from exercise and enough fat to reach my total calorie deficit target.

Part III, November 13, 2011:
12 Weeks of Not Livin’ La Vida Low Carb

This post has by far been my most popular. My dieting experiences are compared between one with near 15% of calories from carbohydrates, and the other with near 50% of calories from carbohydrates. It also reviews the effects of exercise on diet and weight loss.


  1. You have impressive discpline and record-keeping skills! Did you find that your willpower was improved simply by knowing you would eventually post your numbers here? It seems like a good way to build accountability into a program.

  2. Thanks, Steve. You are correct. The purpose for starting this blog was to share some of my personal experiences, not really to help others, but to help myself. It helps my accountability as you said and it also a good place to track my history so I can look back and reevaluate my experiences.

    This blog is my diary for parts of my life that I'm willing to make public. It's flattering and less lonely to have some readership. Getting linked by popular sites such as Jimmy Moore and Anthony Colpo have boosted my page views, but popularity isn't my top priority. I would recommend for anyone who is interested in self-improvement to share their experiences online as a method for accountability and traceability.