Saturday, December 3, 2011

Podrunner: Give Me a Beat

If you are looking for a source of free music to workout to, then try Podrunner at this URL/link:

As of this post date, DJ Steve Boyett has just over 100 hundred free downloads of techno music. Each download consists of about an hour of music. He has them categorized by speed: 130 to 180 bpm (beats per minute).

I found this website while searching for methods to improve running form. I don't make any claims that listening to this music will improve your form, but it may help with motivation to get moving.

Subscribe (for free) to Podrunner and you will get regular updates on new tracks in your news reader.

Listening to this music makes running seem like dancing. I like Runner Funker.



  1. House, progressive house. Hardly any techno.