Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grow Veggies in Cheap Raised Beds

A few months ago, I shared a view of this summer's garden in my backyard. Being the cheap guy that I am, I started the garden by just digging up a plot of land with a shovel with the intention to plant some starters. But, I didn't get very far. Our house is in built on the side of a hill as are most homes in Tennessee. The soil is rocky and proved challenging to shovel "dirt". So I created a couple of raised beds, 4'x8'. I spent more money than I cared to on the materials.

I should have known that Youtube would provide a better, cheaper solution than what I dreamed up. I particularly love the ingenuity of the raised beds in the video below. These kids from Berkley are very creative, and quite generous as they give their food away to those who are more needy.

If you want a more in depth tour of their farm, Urban Adamah, then check out the second video below by John of John's Youtube channel provides a wealth of information on how to grow fruits and veggies in raised beds, or what he refers to as square foot gardening.


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